Our Doctrinal Position


 1. Salvation by grace through faith, in the Lord Jesus Christ.

 2. The blood atonement of Christ.

 3. Jesus Christ died for the whole world, only those that receive Him are saved.

 4. The reality of heaven and hell, along with their eternality.

 5. The believer is kept by the Word of God, and the power of God, not by his good works.

 6. The deity and virgin birth of the Lord Jesus Christ as stated in the Word of God.

 7. The doctrine of the Trinity: God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Ghost.

 8. The person of the Holy Spirit, He is not just a holy influence.

 9. The person of the devil, he is not just an evil influence.

 10. The King James Bible is the inspired, preserved Word of God for English speaking people. 

 11. The Bible is the final authority in all matters of faith and practice.

 12. All ministries are to be centered on the usage of the Word of God.

 13. Old time Godly living, by allowing our lives to show forth the Lord.

 14. It is the duty of all believers to witness to others of the saving grace of God.

 15. We believe strongly in missions & worldwide evangelism and are opposed to Calvinism.

 16. The importance of the local Baptist church, with preaching, teaching & altar calls.

 17. The local Church is to be made up of regenerate scripturally baptized Christians.

 18. The local church is to be involved in world- wide missions.

 19. The modern day charismatic movement is unscriptural.

 20. The preservation of our Baptist heritage.

 21. A patriotic belief in America. We love our country and pray for our leaders.