About Us

Our vision is to grow Christians and start churches.

We are here to help people discover how to have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.
We are here to teach and give practical instruction on how each of us can grow in our relationship with Jesus.
We are here to share this same good news of all Christ has done through strategic church partnerships and church planting both locally and throughout the world.

Our purpose at Trinity

To Love: Loving God and worshipping Him together.
To Care: Caring for one another and those we meet.
To Grow: Learning and encouraging each other as we move forward together.
To Share: Telling the Good News of Jesus Christ to others.
To Connect: By baptizing and teaming together at Trinity.

Our process at Trinity

The New Testament of the Bible gives us a great pattern to follow. The following steps lead to a changed life and give us guidance on how to grow.

Believing in Jesus.
This is more than a simple head belief. It is placing one’s trust in Jesus as the only One who can save a sinner from the penalty of sin.
Following with obedience by baptism.
Baptism doesn’t wash away sin. It doesn’t make someone a Christian. Rather, baptism is the Bible way of publicly professing and identifying one with Jesus. Baptism pictures Jesus’ death, burial and resurrection. It also pictures one’s new life found in this new relationship with Christ. Baptism is one of the easiest ways to witness to others about one’s new-found faith.
Connecting with other believers.
The third step in the process is to connect with a body of believers. In the New Testament, people who were saved and baptized were then added to the church. There are new friends to be made and so many new and exciting truths that God has in store for you. The best way to access these is through joining with a local church and getting involved in some of the different programs that they have to offer.
Here at Trinity, we would like to encourage you to join one of our Sunday morning Connections Groups. This is a great way to meet others who are learning and growing in their faith just like you.