What To Expect


The people you will meet at Trinity Baptist Church are a wide mix of businessmen, teachers, blue-collar workers, stay at home moms and college students. They are the type of people that we all meet every day as we go about our work and family responsibilities. We come together a couple of times every week to study the Bible, pray and help each other out as we each try to live more like Jesus.

Our services are more of a traditional style where we mix both hymns and chorus songs as we worship the Lord together. Pastor’s preaching is practical and is designed to both teach and remind those attending of the timeless truths that are so important to a strong relationship with the Lord.

During our Sunday morning connection groups (10:00 AM) you will find a fresh cup of coffee waiting for you along with the opportunity to study the Bible in a classroom setting where our focus is either on a topic or one of the books found in your Bible.

You will find that those who have been coming regularly to Trinity Baptist dress quite differently from one another. Some come in their best pair of jeans and boots while others will wear a suit and tie. We are a pretty diverse group so you should fit in just fine. We are just thrilled that you have come to study the Bible with us and are looking forward to getting to know you and becoming friends.